Through our college ministry program, we help students to incorporate Catholic beliefs and values into everyday campus life. We also provide students with spiritual enrichment and support.

Although our students are spread throughout the state, we try to organize events during their breaks and weekends. Through meals, retreats, bible studies, SEEK, Right to Life conferences, and much more–we strive to keep our students engaged in the life of the Parish.

Throughout the school year, our parish also organizes care packages to send to the students as a way to let them know we are praying for them!

Starting March 25, 2020 we will be starting a women’s group. We will be learning how true beauty helps us to grow closer to God. We will explain how being a woman gives us something special to bring to the world, and how the creation of men and women (as different but equal) was planned by God for the good of humanity. We will also be learning about the virtues of joy, self control, respect, honesty, and beauty. This will be done through Zoom web conference.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Katie Mendenhall in the parish office at 616-696-3904 or email at

We pride ourselves in living out the charism and values of
what makes our parish distinctly Catholic.