Walking the narrow path together to be the hands and feet of Christ

Core Values: 

  • We are formed to be disciples of Christ
  • We celebrate the Eucharist with joy and reverence
  • We welcome people from all walks of life
  • We reach out to serve those in need
  • We offer opportunities for all to participate in parish life

Strategic Plan Documents

JP2 Parish Strategic Plan Prayer

Heavenly Father, we pray through the intercession of Saint John Paul II, 
for the grace to go forward with hope as we work in service with one another 
for your holy church through this strategic planning process. 
We pray for a generous heart for all who take part in this process, 
that we may become instruments of your work and do your holy will, 
to renew and grow your Church in our community, Amen.

Past Parish Communications

Planning Effort Timeline

Pastoral Council charged with initiating Strategic Planning Effort

  • Early 2021 – Pastoral Council began initial research and due diligence for process and potential consultants
  • Late 2021 – Met with consultant short list, QCLC proposed process voted on and approved by Pastoral Council
  • Early 2022 – QCLC proposal voted on and funds approved by Finance Council

Pastoral Council created and transferred ownership to the Strategic Planning Team

  • Early 2022 – First communication to the parish, Focus Groups (Dan Ebener / QCLC), 1:1 interviews (Planning Team)
  • Mid 2022 – Parish-wide Survey
  • Mid 2022 – QCLC workshop 1 with Planning Team
  • Mid 2022 – Update to parish and feedback sessions
  • Mid 2022– QCLC workshop 2 with Planning Team
  • Late 2022– QCLC lay leadership training (Beatitudes Workshops)
  • Late 2022 – Plan documentation and finalization

Strategic Planning team presented completed plan to Pastoral Council

  • Early 2023 – Unanimous approval and recommendation to Father Lam for adoption
  • Early 2023 – Father Lam charged the newly reformed Stewardship Commission with administration of the Strategic Plan at JP2 with oversight and assistance from the Joint Pastoral Council

Stewardship Commission takes administrative ownership of the Strategic Plan

  • Early 2023 – Begin executing items on 2023 plan timeline
  • Mid to Late 2023 – Accountability sessions with QCLC

Strategic Planning Team

Fr. Lam Le, Kristen Avila, Amy Darling, Jonah Drake, Rosie Ells, Tena Hoxsie, Kim Hunter, Joe Jensen, Annette Kogut, Jake Loew, Katie Mendenhall, Rod Underhill, Kalli Zielbauer, Aaron Zomberg


Learn about Dr. Dan Ebener on his website, https://www.danebener.com/ , and his consulting company Quad City Leadership Consulting http://qcleadershipconsulting.com/

Check out his recent article in the magazine The Priest titled ‘Priests as Leaders’ https://www.thepriest.com/2022/01/15/priests-as-leaders/

We pride ourselves in living out the charism and values of
what makes our parish distinctly Catholic.