According to Where the Star Comes to Rest, established in 1893, St. Margaret of Scotland Church and Cemetery was blessed on October 4, 1894 by Bishop Henry Joseph Richter. Over the years, the church has been a mission of Big Rapids, Carson City, Maple Valley, Sand Lake, Greenville and most recently, a special use chapel of Saint John Paul II Parish in Cedar Springs, Michigan.

The decree of April 12, 2013, which established St. John Paul II Parish states: “By these geographical boundaries and in accord with canon law, Blessed John Paul II Parish shall include the mission church of St. Margaret in Harvard and thus assume administration of its temporal goods and related responsibilities of maintenance of its buildings and cemetery.” The St. Margaret Cemetery Commission is hereby established to care for the administrative and physical needs of the cemetery, which now belongs to St. John Paul II Parish.

a.) The Purpose of the St. Margaret Cemetery Commission:

The Commission is part of the Building and Grounds Committee, which is an ad hoc committee of the Finance Council of the Parish.  Its purpose is advisory, to assist the parish in administration and care for the cemetery.

b.) Membership in the Commission:

Registered and active members of the Parish can serve as commissioners.  The term for office is 3 years and can be renewed for one additional term, at the recommendation of the commission, to the pastor.  The pastor alone has authority to appoint new commissioners.  Also, the pastor alone reserves the right to remove commissioners when it is in the best interest of the parish.

c.) Officers of the commission:

President:  The president will oversee the administration and physical care of the cemetery. Additionally, when there is an inquiry of purchasing a lot, the president will assist the potential interested party in this matter.  Since it is always difficult for family to deal with death of their love one, sensitivity, compassion, and professionalism are expected of the president.  Precisely for this reason, the pastor will appoint the first president for a 3-year term. Thereafter the commissioners elect the president. Overtime, the commission can add more officers.

If you are interested in serving on the Cemetery Commission, please contact the parish office.

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