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          We had the groundbreaking on August 19th, 2018 and the formal construction of God’s House begun. Enjoy these pictures of the blessed day.


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We invite our friends and visitors to pray and make a final contribution to this meaningful project. No gift is too small! Together we will build God’s House. Please fill out the pledge card or you can do an online contribution earmarking it for the Capital Campaign.

As you will see, the physical plan has evolved to reflect the needs and the input of our faith community, but our fundraising goal has not changed since the beginning of the Capital Stewardship Campaign: One million dollars from inside the Parish and one million dollars from outside of the Parish. As to date our parishioners have pledged $871,631.20 and outside pledges: $516,592.00.

July 2018 Newsletter

March 2018 Newsletter

Floor Plan for the Church

Follow-up Effort in the Second Year of Growing in God’s Merciful Love Capital Stewardship Campaign

The Parish’s Announcement of Erhardt Construction as the General Contractor

The Parish’s Selection of the Architectural Firm to Move Forward With Construction

Important Announcement After Father Lam’s Meeting With Bishop Walkowiak

August 2017 Newsletter for Pledgers

August 2017 Newsletter for Non-Pledgers

Launching Growing in God’s Merciful Love Capital Stewardship Campaign

The Capital Stewardship Campaign began in August 2016 to build a larger Church right on our campus. This are all the launching newsletters.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Gift Chart 

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August Newsletter 

Feasibility Update Letter

On Easter Sunday March 27, 2016, adding to the joy of celebrating Christ the Lord triumphantly rising from the dead, the leadership of the parish shared with the entire community the results of the Feasibility Study which began in January.  The results are so positive!  Click on the link below to read the entire letter.  Please continue to keep the parish in prayers as we are preparing to move forward with Christ leading us.  Amen.

Leadership Letter

Parish-Wide Feasibility Study

After extensive planning, which began in May 2015, a plan has emerged. It was presented to our Bishop in September to seek his input. The Bishop suggested that we have a “parish-wide feasibility study” to obtain more parishioner feedback about the plans that address current and future needs. The feasibility study includes a combination of mailed surveys as well as some individual personal interviews.

We have hired The Breton Group consulting company to help gather and sort through parishioner feedback. In January of 2016, parishioners should have received information about the plan and a short survey in the mail to complete and return. Some parishioners were asked to personally meet with a member of The Breton Group for a confidential interview. Please click to see the CASE FOR SUPPORT which is the essential document of parish-wide feasibility study.

Letter to the Parishioners

Feasibility Study Survey