MQA Bible Study

Faith formation never ends – neither does learning about our faith. According to the National Directory for Catechesis “adults have a right and a duty to bring to maturity the seed of faith sown in them by God.” NDC #48A … In Matthew Kelly’s words – “To become the best version of yourself that God intends.” “Catechetical formation of adults is essential for the Church to carry out the commission given to the apostles by Christ.” NDC#48A It is so essential that the Bishops of the United States has written a document called “Our Hearts Were Burning” which stresses the importance of Adults continuing to form faith and learn about their faith. Learning takes on many forms – through Faith sharing, formal classes and informal gatherings, spiritual readings, scripture.

Adults are highly encouraged to take advantage of the Adult Faith offerings of our parishes – Like Conversations of Faith with Fr. Lam; Bible Studies, etc; classes through the Diocese; on-line learning; Aquinas.

Adults have much to share with each other, the young and old people in our faith community and those in our daily lives – we are called to live the gospel and evangelize in lifestyle, thought, word and deed.

Starting March 7, 2019 classes will be available Thursdays following the 9AM Mass or Thursday evening at 7:00PM.