MQA Bible Study

Faith formation never ends – neither does learning about our faith. According to the National Directory for Catechesis “adults have a right and a duty to bring to maturity the seed of faith sown in them by God.” NDC #48A … In Matthew Kelly’s words – “To become the best version of yourself that God intends.” “Catechetical formation of adults is essential for the Church to carry out the commission given to the apostles by Christ.” NDC#48A It is so essential that the Bishops of the United States has written a document called “Our Hearts Were Burning” which stresses the importance of Adults continuing to form faith and learn about their faith. Learning takes on many forms – through Faith sharing, formal classes and informal gatherings, spiritual readings, scripture.

Adults are highly encouraged to take advantage of the Adult Faith offerings of our parishes – Like Conversations of Faith with Fr. Lam; Bible Studies, etc; classes through the Diocese; on-line learning; Aquinas.

Adults have much to share with each other, the young and old people in our faith community and those in our daily lives – we are called to live the gospel and evangelize in lifestyle, thought, word and deed.