Building and Grounds Committee (BGC)

Purpose: The BGC is an ad hoc of the Finance Council (FC). This committee helps maintain the physical plant, makes recommendations for future repairs, and if there is growth, makes suggestions for future expansion of the physical plan.

Responsibilities: There are at least two meetings annually and an annual inspection of the parish facilities. When there is a maintenance project, repair of the facilities, or expansion, it is the responsibility of the committee to seek and evaluate bids, and recommend to the FC and the pastor which direction the parish should move. It is also the responsibility of the BGC to keep the parish updated on the unfolding of the project.

Gifts to share: For the committee to operate effectively, half of the members must have experience in construction and maintenance work, knowledge about resources (contractors and expertise) within and outside the community, and familiarity with the costs of labor and materials. The remainder of members are ordinary people with good common sense to recommend sound advice to the FC and the pastor.

Commitment: Members are required to attend two annual meetings with the purpose to develop a procedure for the annual inspection and to finalize the recommendation after the inspection. Additional meetings are scheduled as needed to develop plans, write specifications, and review bids. There are times that either the entire committee or just the chairperson should appear before the FC and the pastor to present their findings and recommendations.

Membership and term: Any registered and active member of the parish with gifts to share is welcome to join the committee. The term is three years and it can be renewed for subsequent terms to fulfill the need of the parish. From time-to-time, depending on the needs of expertise, the committee can admit non-registered parishioners as non-voting members of the committee.

Please contact us if you would like to be a member of our buliding and grounds committee